Amy Dobbs is a contemporary realist painter born in 1970 in Richmond, Virginia. She studied in the United States, France, and Italy, and has spent the past 15 years living and painting near Nimes, France. She works in oils on linen or wood panels that she prepares herself with the traditional rabbit-skin glue technique.  She prefers working only from life whether it is with a model, a still life, or in the fields en plein air.

“Dobbs is a formidable realist painter, equally skilled in landscape, still-life, and portrait with and extraordinary ability with color” – Shain Gallery

  “Ces petits paysages témoignent de moments privilégiés dans la nature qui ne cessent jamais de m’émerveiller. Devant le soleil descendant, tout se transforme. Une simple cerise par terre avec ses ombres écarlates, la lumière froide qui tombe sur un visage et le regard qui raconte toute une histoire me fascinent. Avec trois pinceaux et une dizaine de couleurs je me dépêche de capturer ce moment qui ne reviendra jamais pareil. Je ne cesse pas d’apprendre et cela m’apporte beaucoup de joie. La nature nous donne les plus beaux des cadeaux tous les jours, il suffit de regarder. La peinture pour moi est une vénération devant cette nature si généreuse.”
  “I am in awe before the last shadows of the day sweeping across a field. I am in awe before the cool light tapping over fingers and a wisp of hair over crimson shadows. I am in awe of the many colors in a simple cherry lying on a table. These things astound me, humble me. There is a reverence in observing them over hours at a time. Time stops. The learning process is never-ending and the possibilities are endless.”



2012 - Shain Gallery, Charlotte, NC
- Atelier Gallery, Charleston,SC
2011 Aiken center for the Arts, Aiken, SC
2010 - Shain Gallery, Charlotte, NC
- Chemin d'Art, "Atelier ouverts" Nîmes , France
- Alumni Exhibition, Meredith College, Raleigh, NC
- Domaine de l'Orviel, Saint Jean de Serres, France
2009 Domaine de l'Orviel, Saint Jean de Serres, France
2008 Shain Fine art, Charlotte, NC
2007 Shain Fine art, Charlotte, NC
2006 Shain Fine Art, Charlotte, NC
2004 Shain Fine Art, Charlotte, NC
2002 - Jardin Medieval, Uzès, France
- Shain Fine Art, Charlotte, NC
2001 - Anderson Fine Art Gallery, St Simon’s Island, GA
- Gallery Lacoste, Lacoste France
2000 - Broadway Gallery, Alexandria, VA
- Shain Fine Art, Charlotte, NC
1999 - High Street Kensington, London
- Broadway Gallery, Alexandria, VA
- The Tower Club, Washington, D.C.
1998 - The Tower Club, Washington D.C.
- Hilton McLean, McLean, VA
- Les Arcenaulx, Marseille, France
1997 - “8 Peintres et Anne-Marie”, l ’Évéché d’Uzès, Uzès, France
- Le Liberal, Marseille, France
- Galerie Ducastel, Avignon, France
1996 “Quatre Femmes”, Galerie Les Oules, St.Victor des Oules, France
1994 “Fresco Artists”, Zapp Bank, St. Cloud, MN
1993 “Women’s Work:  On and Off Paper”, Leslie Powell Gallery, Lawton, OK
1992 - “NationsBank Corporate Center Fresco Artists”, Charlotte, NC
- St. Benedict Art Center, St. Joseph, MN
- Meredith College Art Gallery
1991 - McManus Gallery, Raleigh, NC.
- “Raleigh Fine Arts Society Annual Juried Show”, Raleigh, NC
- McManus Gallery, Raleigh, NC.
1988 Work exhibited in Congressional Offices, Washington  D.C.



1988-92 Meredith College, B.A. in Art, Magna Cum Laude, studied with Charles Kapsner
1991,93 Studied with Ben Long in France
1998 Studied with Richard Maury in Florence, Italy


Awards and Experience

1998 Recipient of the Jean-Haffen Foundation Award for independent study in Dinan, France
1997 - Awarded the Prix du Conseil General du Gard, Castillon Du Gard Salon, France
- Awarded the Prix du Public and Prix Art et Rencontre, Cavaillon Salon, France
1994 Associate Artist for the Charles Lindbergh Fresco Project, Little Falls, MN
1992 - Assistant Artist for the NationsBank Corporate Center Fresco Project, Charlotte, NC
- Art Teacher for Chesterfield Co. Public School Summer Program, Richmond, VA
1991 - Art Student Award, Meredith College
- Raleigh Fine Arts Society Award juried by Terry Sultan, Curator of the Corcoran Museum in Washington, D.C.
1990 Eleanor Davis Scholarship to study painting in France
1988 - Congressional Award for High School art students
- Fine Arts Scholarship Recipient, Meredith College


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